Béal na Tíre was set up on 18 December 2013, as the Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan’s Irish language news journal. Originally, all our posts were entirely in Irish. However, the demise of the Leylandiistan Sentinel in early 2014 left Leylandiistan with no main media outlet, a role Béal na Tíre took up when the Sentinel stopped circulation completely. Then, on 30 August 2014 we became the main media outlet of the Confederation of Leylandiistan & Gurvata when Leylandiistan signed the Treaty of Union with the Republic of Gurvata.

Today, we publish regular articles on political, economic and social matters in Leylandiistan & Gurvata, as well as posts on micronational affairs. We have a strong tradition of excellence in reporting standards, and have been praised for our impartiality even in the most difficult situations. We hope you enjoy browsing around our site, and we recommend you visit the following pages to learn more on Leylandiistan & Gurvata

Also, stay tuned to our Twitter Feed, and our Tumblr page!


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