Union Day celebrated as dental health initiative launched


Above: The flag of the Confederation was raised in the corn patch next to Government Buildings in Orchardstown.

Union Day was celebrated in the Confederation of Leylandiistan & Gurvata today. On this day two years ago, the Presidents of the Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan and the Republic of Gurvata signed the Treaty of Union at Orchardstown, uniting the two nations into one confederation. Today the two signatories, the current Co-Presidents Fionnbarra Ó Cathail and Pádraig Ó Ceocháin, met at Orchardstown again today to discuss the nation’s progress since 2014. The occasion was celebrated with tea and cake.


Above: the Co-Presidents celebrated with a lemon & white chocolate madeira cake and tea at Orchardstown.

The Co-Presidents used the opportunity to make the announcement that the Plan for 2016 had been fully implemented. The Plan for 2016, the government’s agenda for this year, was published in January. It has worked as a guideline for the government’s activities throughout the year, particularly in legislative and budgetary matters. While the vast majority of ideas in the Plan for 2016 were successfully implemented, such as the Official Languages Act signed into law last week, two were later discarded. Following the National Budget 2016, where the National Contribution Charge was halved and other taxes were scrapped, it was decided that the National Insurance scheme would be scrapped as further income was not needed. In addition, plans to create a judicial system have been shelved as the low number of citizens and non-existant crime rate mean such an endeavour would produce few results.

In addition, the Co-Presidents launched the National Dental Health Initiative today. The National Dental Health Initiative Act 2016 was signed into law on 22 August. The aim of the initiative is to promote positive dental hygiene. The National Treasury today ordered the first batch of products, which under the terms of the Act are to be distributed to citizens for free. An order of 31 was made with Peppersmith, a British company which manufactures chewing gum and mints from xylitol, a sweet compound which neutralises plaque acids on teeth. Béal na Tíre will be reporting on the progress of the initiative in the weeks ahead.


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