Historic day as GUM vote earns unanimous support


Above: election leaflets were erected on bean poles and bird feeders by the Yes campaign ahead of today’s vote.

It was an historic day in Leylandiistan & Gurvata as the country went to vote in the first referendum in the Confederation’s history. In the end, all voters supported the ballot question, which was whether or not to accept the Charter of the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM). Béal na Tíre has the full summary of the day’s events.


Above: the polling station at Orchardstown after opening for voting.

The weather was warm and sunny on the day the Confederation went to the polls. A final bit of campaigning was done by the Yes side, who supported the GUM charter, by erecting leaflets around Orchardstown. There was no campaign put together to oppose the GUM Charter. The Act ordering the referendum set the voting hours as 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. However, the opening of the polling station pushed back to 3:30 p.m., a fact that was announced on the government twitter feed:

Thankfully, no citizen was left waiting outside the polling station. Voting got underway not long after the polling station opened at 3:30 p.m. The ballot box was located centrally in the Government Buildings, the venue for the polling station in Orchardstown, with an area for voters to cast their preference to the left. Béal na Tíre positioned its exit poll surveyer, a tablet on a stand, outside the polling station so voters could avail of it as they exited.

Above: a look into the polling station in Orchardstown, with the ballot papers on the left and the ballot box on the right.

Voters trickled in as the afternoon progressed. Co-President Ó Cathail  was the first to cast his ballot, followed by other Orchardstown residents. Co-President Ó Ceocháin was the last  to cast his ballot, one minute before polling closed at 6:00 p.m. All voters participated in the Béal na Tíre exit poll, which at 6:12 p.m. projected an overwhelming victory for the “Yes” side:

Above: the polling station rules posted on the window (left), voters completed the exit poll survey on the tablet provided by Béal na Tíre (centre), Co-President Ó Cathail casts his ballot (right).

Counting began at 6:30 p.m. and concluded not long after. Turnout was 80%, with one Gurvatan citizen not showing up to vote. All four votes cast were for the “Yes” side, supporting the GUM Charter. The result matched the 100% projection from the Béal na Tíre exit poll.

After the votes were counted, the Co-Presidents signed the Grand Unified Micronational Charter Ratification Act to confirm the result of the plebiscite and consequently ratify the Charter on behalf of Leylandiistan & Gurvata. Commenting on the result, Co-President Ó Cathail said that the vote was “a resounding endorsement for the Confederation’s membership of the GUM, as well as our overall participation in the micronational community.” He added that the success of the referendum paved the way for further decisions to be made through referenda. Co-President Ó Ceocháin said that the result was unquestionable, and that the referendum was very successful. Leylandiistan & Gurvata has been the only nation to put the GUM Charter to a referendum, and with the support of everyone who voted, the Confederation shall now join the 16 other nations who have ratified the Charter in restarting the Grand Unified Micronational. Only one more nation needs to ratify the Charter in order for the organisation to be restarted.


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