Campaign begins amidst beautiful weather


Above: oats (left) and barley (right) ripen in the sunshine

The referendum campaign has begun in Leylandiistan & Gurvata as warm sunny conditions were reported across the country. Not a whisp of cloud was to be seen in any corner of the blue sky which has covered the Confederation for the past week, with temperatures well over 20 degrees C. The weather conditions are ideal for cereal crops, like oats and barley, which are currently in the pollinating phase which precedes grain formation. The other crops are also thriving in the pleasant conditions, with the first harvests expected for July.

The beautiful weather today was the backdrop for the start of the campaign. Co-President Ó Cathail was campaigning in support of Leylandiistan & Gurvata’s membership of GUM. He was campaigning under the brand of his mostly defunct party from the pre-Union days, Conradh Daonlathais. He distributed leaflets advocating a “Yes” vote in tomorrow’s referendum. Campaigning will continue briefly tomorrow before voters go to the polls in the afternoon.

Voting begins tomorrow at 2 p.m. with the results being announced after polling closes at 6p.m. Béal na Tíre will be providing a projection of the result before this official announcement using our exit poll, a digital innovation which will be put to voters exiting the polling station. No opinion polling has been carried out to date, so the exit poll will give the first indication of how the Confederation’s citizens voted.


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