Referendum on GUM Charter to be held


The Co-Presidents today signed into law an Act which has authorised a referendum to be held this Friday, 3rd June, on the Charter of the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM). The Government decided to put the Confederation’s ratification of the Charter to a plebiscite, the first in two years, since the constitutional referendum in Leylandiistan in February 2014. The Grand Unified Micronational Charter Referendum Act 2016 was signed into law in the newly-declared capital of Orchardstown this evening. Leylandiistan & Gurvata will be the only prospective member state of the GUM to put the Charter to a referendum.

The law on the referendum has allowed for just one polling station, at the Government Buildings in Orchardstown. Due to the lack of a census or other form of citizenry records, the National Treasury was authorised to supply a list of known residents who pay taxes to the Treasury, in order to create a list of eligible voters. The polling station will open at 2:00 p.m. and close at 6:00 p.m., after which the votes will be counted.

Béal na Tíre will be providing extensive coverage of the campaign and the vote itself. Arrangements are being made to provide an exit poll, surveying voters exiting the polling station, giving an approximate result half an hour before polls are closed. The campaign will be short, given less than 72 hours remain until the vote begins. Co-President Ó Cathail, a former Vice-Chair of the GUM, is expected to campaign for a “Yes” vote, with Co-President Keohane’s position being unclear.

In other news, Co-President Ó Cathail has written to Co-President Ó Ceocháin to notify him of his absence from office for three weeks, beginning this Saturday. He has invoked the procedure outlined in the Acting Presidency Act 2016, in order to allow Co-President Ó Ceocháin to serve as the Confederation’s acting president for the first three weeks of June from Saturday. Ó Cathail will continue to serve as Foreign Secretary, although he will not be able to exercise this office to full capability due to the lack of access to an internet connection during his absence, which is due to a holiday.


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