Response to QSJ editorial on Mercia


The First Minister of Mercia, Baron Ó Cathail, offers his view on a recent editorial published regarding the current state of Mercian politics.

I would like respond to some of the points raised in a recent editorial published on the Quetico Street Journal. Before I offer my point of view, I would like to state that I am not criticising the right of foreign observers to comment on domestic situations in a given nation, I myself have done so before. I do feel, however, that it is my duty as the outgoing First Minister of Mercia to defend my record.

The first point I would like to respond to is the claim that my party, the National Liberal Party, is involved in “suspicious activities, including bribery”. They are just that, claims. Firstly, it is actually quite difficult to envisage how anyone could be involved in bribery in a micronational situation. Would “Micro-dollars” be covertly added to the perpetrators account, or money sent via Pay-Pal? Secondly, I feel the author has been misled by members of the opposition parties in Mercia, when he speaks of suspicious activities. The party I lead would never tolerate any covert or illegal activities aimed to advance the party’s interest, it is simply inconceivable. I would have no hesitation in removing any member committing such acts immediately. If, however, he is referring to my party’s contact with the other parties in the Mercian Parliament, then I fail to see how there is anything “suspicious” about it. Any party which is mature enough to govern, as my party has shown in the past two terms, is entitled to go about exploring opportunities to form a government with other parties, and making enquiries and offers to other parties. That’s part of politics, and without it the government formation process would be much more prolonged and inefficient.

The second point I want to address is that my party will be “largely void of the decision making”. I have made it clear that my party will push to implement our manifesto regardless of whether we are in government or opposition. This is particularly important when you consider that the NLP manifesto received the most endorsement at the ballot box. In addition, the parties which intend to form a government in the next term should be thankful that it was I who led the last two governments, for I included them as much as possible in the decision making. Collaborative, co-operative government was the trademark of my governments, who supported a number of opposition bills which were in line with our policies and values. I would expect the next government to continue this positive policy, and if so, we shall certainly not be left out of the decision making. It is not in anyone’s interests to leave the party who earned the most votes out of the decision making.

Lastly, I want to challenge the claim that my party’s members have shown disrespect or behaved in a fashion unbecoming of them. Not one derogatory comment has been made by any of my members to any other Mercian. The many opinions offered over the last few days have been legitimate concerns regarding the coalition proposal put together by the opposition, together with their unwillingness to work with the party which received the largest share of the vote. If the opposition cannot handle criticism, then how will they fare in government? Do they then truly value our democratic principles? There is also nothing wrong with our party chairman “pouting” because his party was left out of the next government; it is natural for him to support his party in this way, and to show concern at the possible future direction of the country.

I would like to thank the author for sharing his views, but I would use this article as a cautionary example against the deceptive claims made by the opposition currently trying to form a government. They will make out that we don’t respect democracy, when we have championed it in government, particularly in the case of the Wurtige Referendum. They will make us out as spiteful and un-cooperative, when our party co-operated with the opposition on many things in the past, and will continue to do so. To conclude, I have this to say; judge us not on rumours, but on our record in government.

(This editorial does not reflect the views of Béal na Tíre or the Government of Leylandiistan & Gurvata which acts as operator to Béal na Tíre)


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