First foreign policy statement released as trading commences with Lundenwic


Link to Foreign Policy Statement, 22 April 2016

The Foreign Office today released the first statement of foreign policy following the recent overhaul of the management of external affairs. The Foreign Secretary discussed three topics with the other Co-President, and both agreed on the Government’s stance towards those topics. The first point made was a pledge of support to the government of Lundenwic as a state of emergency continues there following a rebellion by the Communist Party of Lundenwic. The Government condemned the rebellion as “despicable and unreasonable”, and called for participation in the political process rather than seizing territory as a means of achieving political goals.

The Government also used the statement to condemn the impeachment of Dilma Rouseff, the president of Brazil. It criticised members of the Brazilian Congress as prioritising their own political goals over the national interest as Brazil endures economic and health crises, and said the fact that proponents of impeachment were themselves charged with corruption was “insulting to the intelligence of the Brazilian people”.

The last item covered by the statement was the restoration of the Grand Unified Micronational, something roundly welcomed by the Government. It praised the leadership and venue for discussion offered by the organisation, and reaffirmed the view that responsibilities within the organisation should be restricted to a small number of positions, rather than a cabinet of assistants to the Chair. Notably, the Government said it viewed the GUM as a way to counter the divisions which had arisen in the past year between the so-called “Old” and “New Guards”.

In other news, the first successful trading of goods has commenced between the Confederation and Lundenwic. Cookies baked in Lundenwic were imported by the Government, and in return seeds produced within the Confederation and marketed by the Confederation Seeds Company were exported to Lundenwic, the first time goods have ever been officially exported from Leylandiistan & Gurvata. The goods exchanged were of equal value, and the costs met by the taxpayers of both governments (although it is understood the seed producers have not yet been compensated). Both governments agreed that the arrangement would be repeated in the future. The Government is now looking to establish an agricultural pact, with Lundenwic among the nations expressing an interest. The pact would allow nations to share information, exchange seeds, co-ordinate economic, environmental and agricultural policy, as well as trade goods. It is currently undergoing the process of formation, with further announcements expect within the next few days.


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