Foreign policy update agreed by Co-Presidents


The Co-Presidents have approved a Foreign Office proposal to initiate the first foreign policy update since 2014. The plan includes a revised structure for the management of the Confederation’s external affairs, as well as a general outline of alterations to the country’s foreign policy strategy.

The proposals came about after it was felt that the Confederation’s current presence and interactions in the micronational community were not sufficient. The previous foreign policy update, the Revised Foreign Policy Act 2014, required additional guidance to clarify the objectives of the Confederation’s foreign policy and the management of its external affairs. In addition, the “Plan for 2016” released in January called for a revision to the country’s foreign policy.

This revision came in the form of the “Statement on Policy Changes in Foreign Affairs“, a non-legislative proposal submitted by the Foreign Office to the Co-Presidents yesterday. Today they agreed to go ahead with it. The major change to administration of foreign affairs is that the Foreign Secretary will now be required to brief the Co-Presidents once a month on the status of the Confederation’s diplomatic ties, as well as the current situation of the micronational community and the wider international sphere. The Co-Presidents will then authorise the Foreign Office to release a statement on the government’s stance towards certain issues, as well as announcing new developments in diplomatic relationships. These statements would be disseminated through outlets such as Béal na Tíre.

In terms of objectives, the Confederation will enhance its presence by building more active and much closer ties to allied states, as well as making better use of the categories of diplomatic relationship which already exist in the Revised Foreign Policy Act 2014. The Confederation will aim to establish some sort of informal relationship with all active nations of a certain level of repute and seniority, most likely in the form of a diplomatic channel with informal ties. Nations with existing and mutually beneficial ties will receive regular contact and enhanced co-operation.

Lastly, the government will work with all micronations with an interest in developing an agricultural sector to develop an agricultural pact, where information can be shared and cultivation recorded. A facility for exchanging seeds as well as trading goods would also be created. A number of governments have already been contacted on this matter, and are said to have shown interest. With this update now approved, the agricultural pact will likely be established within weeks.


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