Referendum campaign kicks off in Mercia



Above: A poster from the “Yes Mercia” campaign supporting Mercia’s departure from the Würtige Empire

A referendum on Mercia’s membership of the Würtige Empire will be held this Friday, the 12th of February, with voting continuing until Sunday the 14th. The referendum comes after months of political discussion within Mercia on its long-standing membership of the Empire due to protracted inactivity within the Würtige Imperial Government. The dates of the referendum were released by the Mercian cabinet last Wednesday, and were subsequently posted on the government’s new Twitter feed:

Mercians will vote “Yes” if they wish for Mercia to exit the Würtige Empire, or “No” if they wish to remain inside the Empire. The Yes Mercia campaign is supported by the ruling National Liberal Party and the main opposition party, the Humanist People’s Alliance. Today the Yes Mercia campaign released their official campaign booklet, in which they outlined their arguments for leaving the Würtige Empire. Entitled “The Case for Yes”, it featured a message from the Mercian First Minister, Baron Ó Cathail, and endorsements from the Leader of the Opposition and the Commerce Minister. You can read “The Case for Yes”  by clicking below.


Meanwhile, campaigning for remaining in the Empire has yet to begin. The Würtige Emperor, Arthur, is a Mercian MP for the Wilbertsherne constituency, however he has not yet contributed his views to the campaign. The Wurtige Unionist Party, whose main belief was continued membership of the Empire, has essentially dissolved after its leader left the party to become an independent MP. This leaves Mercia with no party advocating it should stay in the Empire. With just four days left to campaign, time is running out for both sides to make their case, and with no opinion polls to gauge public support, the result will be particularly unpredictable. The results of the ballot will be announced in the Mercian Parliament House after the polls close at lunchtime on Sunday.


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