Béal na Tíre Exclusive: Grémmia becomes an empire



Above: The flag of Grémmia, currently being ruled by a provisional government

The Provisional Government of Grémmia has informed Béal na Tíre that it has renamed the country to the Grémmian Empire, and that it will “institute an elected monarchy”. The micronation has been in a state of limbo since an internal coup took place a few months ago. The coup occurred in order to bring about radical change in the way Grémmia was governed, and it appears the first steps are now being taken to bring about such changes.

A representative of the Provisional Government told Béal na Tíre that the Republic of Grémmia’s constitution will remain suspended as the government goes about implementing new changes. The Provisional Government has justified the transformation of Grémmia into an Empire by saying that it will streamline government activity and enhance administrative efficiency, while accommodating a widely dispersed population.

Under the new provisions of governance, the Emperor will be Michael I, who has been at the helm of a number of previous governments of Grémmia’s past incarnations. He will be advised by the Grémmian Council of State, who will act as a privy council. Members will initially act as advisors, but Emperor Michael I intends for the Council of State’s members to be assigned portfolios once the most pressing demands of governance have been attended to, making them into a cabinet of ministers.

The Provisional Government has assured Béal na Tíre that no objections have been made to these changes so far. While the option of restoring the Republic’s constitution is still on the table, the new set up of government will likely be maintained until Grémmia has undergone significant additional reforms.


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