Government releases Plan for 2016



Above: The logo for the plan, likely to be used in projects resulting from it.

The first programme of government since the union between Leylandiistan and Gurvata in August 2014 has been released today at Orchardstown. Entitled “Plan for 2016”, the 6 page document details the proposals put forward by the two Co-Presidents in a number of areas for the year ahead. Government finances, foreign affairs, economy, agriculture, environment, justice, cultural and social affairs are the main areas to be targeted by the Government.

The programme contains an introduction from both co-presidents, with Co-President Ó Ceocháin mentioning the environment and infrastructural development, and Co-President Ó Cathail mentioning taxes and the judicial system. The Finance summary at the start of the programme indicates the National Treasury currently has a budget surplus of €85.20, meaning there is plenty of room for expenditure and tax cuts. The main proposals announced in the plan today are:

  • Reducing the National Contribution Charge (monthly flat tax on citizens) from €2 to €1.50 in the next National Budget in May.
  • A state run insurance scheme proposed by Co-President Ó Ceocháin, funded by the National Treasury, for items of reasonable value.
  • A complete foreign policy reassessment by Co-President Ó Cathail.
  • Initiating trading of goods with other micronations.
  • Further economic diversification, particularly into the crafts and light manufacturing sectors.
  • Legislation on cultural matters, such as national holidays and symbols.
  • Ratifying the Alcatraz Environmental Treaty.
  • Introducing a criminal code and functioning judicial system.

The last point is considered by the government to be the most important, as there is currently no way to enforce legislation. In addition, there is no judicial branch to balance the legislative and executive branches (both of which are currently held by the Co-Presidents).  A basic criminal code will be drafted and put to a referendum. One idea to make the criminal code unique is for alterations to the code to be made through a referendum only. It is thought that punishments will mostly, if not solely, be based on fines. Currently fines only exist on infringements with nature reserves. The criminal code will be drafted over the course of the spring, with a review taking place in order to determine the need for a courts system.

The programme includes aims to increase agricultural production, and to cultivate a variety of grains to determine their use in small scale agriculture. An official government website is also proposed, in order to solidify the Confederation’s internet presence. The “Plan for 2016” will dominate government policy for the year ahead, as the Government will now face the grand task of implementing the comprehensive list of proposals in the plan.

The “Plan for 2016” can be read by clicking here.


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