Autumn proves bountiful as seed company established


DSC_0004[1] DSC_0005[1]

Above: Cider produced in Leylandiistan using only apples grown in Orchardstown (left), while some of the onion harvest lies on display in front of nasturtiums and marrows

The harvest is well under way in Leylandiistan & Gurvata. A number of milestones have been achieved so far. Three litres of cider have been produced by Leylandiistani brewers. The alcohol content of this cider has been measured at 5.25% ABV using a hygrometer. Vegetables have also been harvested in large amounts. Almost 6 k.g. of onions were harvested in total from An Fheirm. Most of these were white onions, though a small amount of red onions were also grown and harvested. Statistics will hopefully be available in full soon for other vegetables like beetroot, while estimates may be calculated for unrecorded crops like courgette.


Above: Harvest work: Flaxseed pods were picked from flax plants at a patch in Orchardstown to be crushed in order to extract the flaxseed.

Meanwhile, efforts to export goods for the first time have been greatly advanced lately. This is because Leylandiistan & Gurvata has assumed the presidency of the Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact. The organisation has been in a planning phase for a lengthy period, but with the necessary frameworks now in place in all member states, real efforts to trade goods are now being made.

The primary good which will be exported from Leylandiistan & Gurvata is seeds. This is the main non-perishable good produced in a significant quantity by domestic producers. On the 2nd of September 2015 the Confederation Seeds Company Act 2015 was signed into law by the Co-Presidents to create a state-owned monopoly on the seed industry. The company will purchase seeds from growers in the Confederation and sell them on to individuals, firms and state bodies in micronations, as well as other potential customers. A system of contracts will be used to negotiate a fair price for both the farmer and the company. Pea, mizuna, mustard, chive, lupin and flaxseed have been harvested in exportable quantities by growers so far, and the new seed company also hopes to export seeds of borage, lovage and lettuce. A number of nations have already expressed interest in these proposals, both inside and outside the SJEP. All of the company’s profits will go directly to the National Treasury, creating more funds for government projects in the national interest


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