Coup held in Grémmia; radical change of government takes place


Since its foundation in 2013, Grémmia has been a stable, widely respected nation in the micronational community. Indeed, it has held positive informal dialogue with Leylandiistan & Gurvata for quite some time. A recent poll of micronationalists found Grémmia is among the top 10 nations who influence the community, along with Leylandiistan & Gurvata (though the author would caution against trusting the accuracy of the poll). Grémmia also has a strong tradition of democracy through its multi-party parliament, the Lansgemeinde, convened through Skype. It has even followed the Swiss example by making citizens approve legislation through referenda.

Yet in the past few hours, a radical change has occurred in Grémmia. A coup has overthrown the Grémmian government. In a declaration made exclusively available to Béal na Tíre, a provisional government has been set up “on behalf of the Grémmian people”. In it, the previous government is accused of “failing to attend to its duties”, leaving the coup leaders, in their opinion, with little choice but to take power.

A list of grievances with the system which ran Grémmia for the past two years is made in the second article of the declaration; among them, excessive bureaucracy causing Grémmia’s isolation, and the Landsgemeinde’s inability to meet regularly. The principle argument is that “the promised things have not appeared, and therefore it has become necessary for the People to provide their gift of legitimacy to another governing body”. The full declaration, given exclusively to us by coup leader Michael Ònff, can be read here: Announcement of the New Grémmian Regime

It is not known how the micronational community will react, though if the coup leaders, among them prominent Grémmians like Michael Ònff, can convince the community of their good intentions, then it is likely today’s actions will be welcomed. If they can be trusted with their word, then the coup leaders will then immediately set about forming a provisional government to reform Grémmia in order to correct the deficiencies in its previous administration outlined in their declaration. Béal na Tíre will have more on this story in the coming hours.


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