Initial harvest begins as Co-Presidents discuss taxation and other measures



Above: A honeybee pollinates chive flowers at An Fheirm, with salad plants like mizuna in the background.

The agricultural season has produced its first initial harvest. The two plots at Eastrip, Gurvata and An Fheirm, Leylandiistan have been supplying residents of both regions with fresh salads and, as of this week, summer carrots and peas.


Above: At Eastrip, Gurvata, lettuce has already been harvested, while sunflower and tomato plants are too small currently to produce fruit.

The plot at Eastrip, Gurvata was redeveloped in May, with a raised bed and stone surrounded extension were built, visible above on the left. This is in addition to the greenhouse, which has a brick path leading up to it. Crops produced in Gurvata this year are lettuce, rocket,  tomato and sunflower (only the first two have been harvested), along with herbs like tarragon, lemon balm and thyme.


Above: (left to right) Peas, globe artichoke and fenugreek being cultivated at An Fheirm.

In Leylandiistan, peas and carrots grown at An Fheirm have followed salads to resident’s dinner plates. Rocket seeds have been harvested as well, and a very significant surplus is expected, so the excess is likely to be exported. A trade deal involving a seed exchange is currently being negotiated with a North American micronation, so that a good part of the next season’s seeds will be supplied by domestic farmers within the Confederation, or other micronations.


Above: The beginning of the carrot and pea harvest at An Fheirm, with the first produce displayed at Orchardstown.

These agricultural successes were the backdrop for the meeting yesterday of the Co-Presidents at Orchardstown. They discussed taxation yet again, and they have formulated a foolproof procedure to ensure payment of the National Contribution Charge is received, recorded and archived by the National Treasury. It has been revealed that uptake of the three grant schemes set up by this year’s National Budget has been very low, and thus taxation may be halted for the month of August or more. The possibility of revisiting the budget, as well as amending current agricultural legislation to allow for slug pellets should an emergency occur (as Gurvata was ravaged by slugs earlier in May) was also discussed, and a further meeting on these matters will take place this Tuesday.

Finally, the building constructed at Orchardstown for government use earlier this year will be officially inaugurated at an opening ceremony by the two Co-Presidents. A traditional ribbon-cutting will take place this Wednesday, 1 July. This event has been long anticipated. It will also be the first Perhaps we should implement a Call of the House system public event attended by both Co-Presidents (or indeed the first significant public event since the signing of the Treaty of Union last August). Béal na Tíre will be reporting on this significant event.


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