1 Year of Béal na Tíre!


We are delighted to announce that today, 18 December 2014, marks our first anniversary! This time last year, Béal na Tíre was set up as the Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan’s Irish language news blog.


Our original logo

Since then, things have changed dramatically, both in Leylandiistan and here on Béal na Tíre. Last December we were an obscure seldom-read blog which drew attention only for it being the first Irish-language blog covering micronational topics. When the Leylandiistan Sentinel, the main newspaper of Leylandiistan then distributed by email, began publishing irregularly rather than fortnightly, Béal na Tíre started posting in English, and with the Sentinel’s complete demise in early 2014 came our new status of Leylandiistan’s main news outlet.

As these changes took place in Béal na Tíre, Leylandiistan’s political climate also began to change. In March 2014 we reported on the successful Constitutional Referendum, which made Leylandiistan more democratic and more developed.

However, the referendum marked the beginning of a new phase in Leylandiistan’s history which no one anticipated. The constitution was never implemented as the void grew between Leylandiistan’s states, and on July 17 we shocked the micronational community when we published our report on the government meeting which resulted in Robinscourt Autonomous Republic’s withdrawal from the government, the departure of key figures in our history, and leaving those who remained in no fit position to continue on as normal. One month later, Béal na Tíre was no longer the main news source of the Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan. The Treaty of Union was signed on August 30 between Leylandiistan and Gurvata, and Béal na Tíre took on it’s new role of main news outlet to the new Confederation.

Today, we are in a much different situation than when we were founded this time last year. However, we have never compromised on our standards of reporting. When the divisive issue of the West Germania – New Israel conflict arose in August, Béal na Tíre interviewed Emperor Markus of New Israel and King Penda II of West Germania in a special two part report on the issue. As you will see in the comments, we were praised for our continued impartiality on the issue, despite the strong voices on either side of the debate. While we have shown no fear on reporting on conflict, we have also featured stories of friendship among micronations, such as the trilateral celebration of Lughnasa in August. The Confederation of Leylandiistan & Gurvata is a new nation, but in the short time since its inception it has achieved so much. It has occupied territory, made several economic milestones, including the introduction of regular taxation which later inspired other micronations to do the same, and has had an active government which has met regularly and passed several acts of legislation. We truly believe the Confederation will prove to be a fine nation as it grows further!

So here’s to another year of Béal na Tíre! Merry Christmas, and stay tuned to our blog for further developments!


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