First government meeting proves productive


Céadaoin, 24ú Meán Fómhair 2014 – Baile an t-Úllghort, Léiloindístáin

The government met today at the Gurvatan capital. Two Acts were proposed by Co-President Fionnbarra Ó Cathail; the Annexation of Dooneen Island Act 2014, and the Revised Foreign Policy Act 2014. The first act was relatively straightforward. It consisted of a mere six points. The Act declared legal the declaration of annexation signed by Fionnbarra Ó Cathail on the 7th of September, a matter which was featured here on Béal na Tíre, and officially incorporated the island into the Confederation, clearly stating that the island was no longer under Ireland’s sovereignty, but under that of the Confederation. It also added a clause saying that if any inhabited territory is ever incorporated into the Confederation, the current government structure would be remodelled to incorporate an elected legislature.

Also on the agenda was the finalised draft of the Revised Foreign Policy Act, written especially by Ó Cathail to clean up what he described as a “messy foreign policy”. One of the main changes in the Act was the creation of a dedicated office called the Foreign Office, to handle the Confederation’s external affairs. This office, which will be run by a government appointed Foreign Secretary, has much more powers compared with previous incarnations of the Department of Foreign Affairs. Changes which Ó Cathail saw as critical included the transfer of treaty approval and signature from the legislative branch to the Foreign Office, as well as the complete transfer of all other external affairs responsibilities previously held by the legislature. This will finally allow the Foreign Secretary to sign the long awaited treaty with Adammia. It had not been signed before as it had been the legislature’s duty to do so, although before August 30, Leylandiistan did not have a legislature in the first place. This catch-22 was finally resolved by the Revised Foreign Policy Act. The Act also clearly states who Leylandiistan does and does not hold diplomatic ties with, as well as creating three categories of diplomatic friendship. The government say they will continue their policy of respecting treaties signed before the formation of the Confederation.

No doubt the foreign policy bill was the main feature of the government’s meeting. With territorial expansion and foreign policy now covered by legislation, the next legislative matter to be tackled by the government is likely to be that of the National Treasury and the economy. Currently, Co-President Ó Ceocháin is Acting National Treasurer. It is likely he will continue to hold the role. It is also a possibility that taxes will soon be paid to the Treasury in the coming weeks.


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