Dooneen Cove Island annexed by the Confederation!



Above: The Confederation’s flag hangs over the shoreline of Dooneen Cove Island, with the mainland in the background.

On the 7th of September 2014, Co-President Fionnbarra Ó Cathail was returning from a short break in Allihies, Co. Cork, Ireland. On the return journey, he stopped by Dooneen Cove, a small rocky inlet north of Allihies. Having stopped here years before, the Co-President decided the cove demanded further investigation, in particular the small islet connected to the shore by a concrete causeway.



Above: Dooneen Cove Island, with the causeway visible at the left of the photo.

The tide at the time was out, and so the eastern tip of the island near the causeway was almost connected to the mainland. Ó Cathail, with flag in hand, began inspecting the island. The causeway is likely to be used as a mooring for dinghies and small pleasure boats, as well as a means of inhibiting the sea from further eroding the beach. There were plenty of small coves and rock pools around the island, while the interior of the island was mostly covered in grass. The remote nature of the island and the low amount of grass made it obvious that the island had no owner. Ó Cathail came to the conclusion that this island was worthy of annexation.


Above: The smooth, steep western shore of the island.

Ó Cathail hung Leylandiistan & Gurvata’s flag over the island’s south-western shore with a rope. With pen and paper in hand, he sat on the island’s shore and began to write out a “Declaration of Annexation”. The document when completed read:

“The Confederation of Leylandiistan and Gurvata hereby claims this island as being under its jurisdiction.

The entire area of this small island will from this day forth be under the sovereign jurisdiction of the Government of the Confederation. Any objections to this particular claim should be made available to the Office of Foreign Affairs at Orchardstown, Leylandiistan.

This document is signed on behalf of the Co-Presidents and the government, and therefore legally authorised, on this day, the 7th of September, 2014 AD

Fionnbarra Ó Cathail, Representative of the Confederation”

IMG_1588 IMG_1589


Above: The Declaration of Annexation is bottled and covered in rocks.

The Declaration of Annexation was placed in a plastic bottle. After searching for a suitable place, a hollow in the centre of the island surrounded by bedrock on all sides was found. The bottle with the Declaration was placed in the hollow, and large flat rocks were placed over the bottle. The island had now been officially annexed. To compliment the Declaration of Annexation, the Co-Presidents have drafted a bill called the “Annexation of Dooneen Cove Island Act”, which will officially incorporate the island into the Confederation.

Aerial View

Above: An aerial view of the island and the surrounding Dooneen Cove obtained from Google Earth.

Co-President Ó Ceocháin, who was not present at the annexation, later praised the annexation as a success, although he added that further annexation of territory will not take place for a good while, as there are more demanding issues. Dooneen Cove Island is the first territory ever annexed by the Confederation, or indeed by any of its predecessors, Leylandiistan and Gurvata. The government hopes the island can act as an example in the future on how to annex and govern future territories. The island may also benefit the economy, as it will have very little to no cost of governance, while it offers exportable products, including seafood, carrageen moss and above all sea salt. The surrounding area has a long history of copper mining, which only recently ceased, so the island and its surrounding shore could have copper ore as well. Copper ore samples have already been retrieved from the surrounding hills by Co-President Ó Cathail. The island’s total area has been estimated to be around 1100m². The island’s surface is mostly exposed rock, while the small amount of grassy areas in the centre is about 55m².



Above: The interior of Doneen Cove Island – scant vegetation clings to exposed rock, with the occasional green pool.

The 7th of September 2014 is sure to go down in history as a great momentous day for the Confederation, and this annexation may be the first of more to come.

In other news, Co-President Ó Cathail has been nominated by incoming GUM Chair Adam I of Adammia to be the Vice Chair of the GUM. The nomination was unanimously supported by those present at Sunday’s Quorum of Delegates. Ó Cathail said he was deeply honoured to take up the post, which is second only to the Chair in its importance. Ó Cathail said to the delegates present: “I am very grateful to be given this opportunity to act as Vice Chair, of this great and prestigious organisation”. It is the most senior office ever held in the GUM by anyone from the Confederation or from the Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan. Ó Cathail will be the 20th Vice-Chair, excluding acting Vice-Chairs, in the organisations history. The Grand Unified Micronational has been the leading organisation in the Anglophone and MicroWiki sectors of the micronational community since its foundation in January 2009, and is often regarded as the most prestigious micronational organisation since the demise of the OAM and LoSS.






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