Leylandiistan joins SJEP as harvest gets off to a great start


An Caochóg, 20ú Lúnasa 2014

Leylandiistan has become the first non-founding member of the Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact (SJEP). The Saint Josephsburg Economic Council unanimously agreed to admit Leylandiistan as a full member of the pact. The four founding members of the SJEP are Austenasia, Sandus, Ashukovo and Renasia. This is the first organisation Leylandiistan has joined since its admission to the GUM in January. The pact is a common economic market and customs union, which facilitates greater trade and economic co-operation between micronations. The organisation is just starting off, having been founded on 27 June 2014, and so far significant trading of goods has yet to be seen. However, the government says that it has begun preparing products for export. This development in Leylandiistan’s economic affairs follows months of work in the economy by the government.

IMG_1515 IMG_1513

IMG_1516 IMG_1519

Meanwhile, the harvest season has gotten off to a great start. In the past two days, over 170 apples have been picked. Today alone, in fact, 144 apples were picked. After being picked at the orchard, the apples were sorted, and 132 apples were then approved for human consumption, the other 12 having been discarded for various reasons. The apple crop has been one of the most successful in history. It is Leylandiistan’s second apple harvest, and this year is set to be much better than last year. A wide variety of products will be available this year, including cider, apple juice, apple crumble and a large amount of apple relish (a savoury sauce also known as apple chutney). In the past, dozens of jars of apple relish have been made in smaller harvests, so this year it may be necessary to export large amounts of apple relish.

This isn’t the only good news in relation to the harvest. At An Fheirm Agricultural Co-operative, the harvesting of their crops is about to begin. While the red peppers, tomatoes and melons have yet to ripen, the carrot crop is ready for harvest. Also, thyme has been dried for export, possibly to SJEP states, while the government prepares a full list of products which will be available for export. Such products would include herbal teas and extracts from the lemon balm and mint plants; dried and fresh herbs such as rosemary, basil, parsley, thyme and oregano, as well as prepared seasonings such as Bouquet Garni; and other products made from the various plants grown at the co-operative. The President will likely discuss this issue with other heads of state in the Saint Josephsburg Economic Council. An organic certification programme for Leylandiistani and possibly other micronational farms and producers is another issue to be brought up by President Ó Cathail.

Finally, negotiations between the governments of Leylandiistan and Gurvata in relation to a merger will begin soon in the Gurvatan and Leylandiistani capitals. A treaty between the two nations forming some kind of confederation would then be signed by Presidents Ó Cathail of Leylandiistan and Ó Ceocháin of Gurvata.

More details on the progressing harvest and merger negotiations will be released here on Béal na Tíre soon.


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