BREAKING: Government collapses, nation divided!


BREAKING NEWS -> Today’s National Assembly meeting had a totally unexpected outcome: the breakup of Leylandiistan. The President and Vice President walked into the meeting as part of one government, and left it as heads of two different states. Béal na Tíre has more on this dramatic topic, the situation which escalated within hours, the decision which caused great division, but potentially harmony for all.

Today’s National Assembly meeting at Orchardstown was supposed to be normal, apart from one minor detail: the government had not officially met since the constitutional referendum of March. The meeting began with an overview of the agenda, followed by a brief discussion on the Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact. The Assembly unanimously supported the Saint Josephsburg Economic Agreement. As talk of territorial expansion and improving citizenship regulations led nowhere, President Ó Cathail spoke at length at how decisions were being made at an agonisingly slow pace, and called for the Vice President’s dismissal. Mr. de Créag accused Ó Cathail of power grabbing. Ó Cathail denied the accusations, and soon the Assembly debated a possible solution to the issue of inactivity, and legislative deadlock.

It was soon realised that the scale of the problem was much greater than first thought. A government which could rarely meet, had differing agendas and to put it quit simply could not get much done was going to go nowhere. The two key figures of government could very rarely meet, causing chaos and lack of legislative development within the government. Crucially, the government could not equally represent Robinscourt and Cubbyhole, and the implementation of the constitution was at different stages in either autonomous republic. Following heated discussion as to what the remaining solutions were, both sides came to an unexpected outcome: split Leylandiistan in two.

And so the long drawn out inactivity in government, differing opinions and agendas, legislative deadlock and confusion at both ends of the country came to an end. And below we shall explain how things will change in Leylandiistan.

As it was Robinscourt where inactivity was at its greatest, and where the least amount of the constitution was implemented (despite its status as capital), it was decided that it would be separated from Leylandiistan entirely and be governed by Ruairí de Créag, the former Vice President who was dismissed today. De Créag said he would rename Robinscourt the “Maple Federation”. It is no longer part of Leylandiistan, and the transition within Leylandiistan to incorporate this massive change will take a good deal of time. It is possible diplomatic relations may be maintained in the future, but for now both governments need time to readjust. It is unknown what progress is being made to set upthe government of the Maple Federation, but it is known that one of the terms of the deal was that Béal na Tíre will remain in the Leylandiistani Media, while the Sentinel will be taken over by the government of the Maple Federation.

This of course leaves the other half of Leylandiistan, Cubbyhole A.R. This is where most development had occurred, and it’s where President Ó Cathail resides. This 100 sq.m. patch is all that is left of Leylandiistan, and the 3 member Cubbyhole Regional Council may be renamed the “National Assembly”! However, a merger with neighbouring Gurvata is now an option. For now, President Ó Cathail is all that remains of the government. He told us after the meeting: “I will continue my term as president, I am only half way through it now! Today is a blow and blessing. It means Leylandiistan has lost half its size and its government, but it means that we now have many more opportunities to decide our future, and to pass legislation which before would have been difficult to do. I will talk to our remaining 3 citizens on what to do next. I will also talk to various individuals who may assist in Leylandiistan’s re-expansion. Gurvata seems willing to help, and I will be meeting with President Ó Ceocháin soon to talk about the recent situation. Some micronationalists have offered me assistance, and I am thankful to all those who offer it. These are uncertain times, but we will continue regardless. This is a great opportunity to start again and learn from our mistakes.”

Béal na Tíre will be interested to find out what happens next. It is only a matter of hours since Leylandiistan was divided in two, but for now despite the uncertainty, we can be thankful that things may finally achieved. We now know that Robinscourt and Cubbyhole were two very different territories, never meant to be governed by one government. The Constitution is still in effect, and it will be for the foreseeable future.  For now, we ask the community to remain calm as the government will be reorganised, and things will return to normal soon. President Ó Cathail assured Béal na Tíre that no changes will be noticed in terms of diplomatic relations, and that as Robinscourt did not contribute economically to Leylandiistan, plans to join the Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact may go ahead as planned.

We will have more on the division of Leylandiistan in the coming days. Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Government collapses, nation divided!

  1. Mahusetan Ministry of Interior and Foreign affairs.

    May I ask why he chose the name “Maple Federation”? The part of Slin that I lead has that name.


    • Actually, the part of Slin you lead isn’t called the Maple Federation, it’s just called the “Maple claim”. Anyway, the term maple is deeply rooted in Robinscourt’s culture, it’s not like he was copying your name. As well as that, the Maple Federation has now disbanded.


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