News Bulletin, 21 July 2014

  • The National Assembly is to be convened on Wednesday at Orchardstown, Cubbyhole Autonomous Republic, to discuss several items of legislation, the implementation of the constitution and the recent conflict between New Israel and West Germania. The Assembly has not met in quite some time, and this meeting will be very important for establishing the government’s agenda for the rest of the year. Other items which may be discussed include the continuing successes in the agricultural sector, the Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact and several other treaties with other nations and international entities like the Albion Union.
  • LeylandiiCola has won an award at the West Who Film Festival. The brand’s advertisement from earlier on in the year fetched first prize in the festival’s advertisement’s category. Realising the potential of the Film Festival, Leylandiistan Media apologised for not covering the event further. The announcement of the awards can be found here, while the Film Festival’s website can be found here.
  • War has broken out in New Israel. West Germania seceded from New Israel after declaring its opposition to the Emperor’s views on the recent Israel-Gaza conflict. Most of the micronational community seems to have declared support for West Germania’s bid for independence. Earlier on President Ó Cathail released a statement on the crisis, which can be found on our website. Several micronations, including the Wurtige Empire, have pledged support for West Germania through the Treaty of YorkBéal na Tíre will have more on the topic later on as the story unfolds.

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