A message from the President


The following is a message from President Fionnbarra Ó Cathail in regard to the unfolding West Germanic conflict

A chairde,

I awoke this morning to news that war had broken out in the micronational community. I was shocked to hear that it was our friends in West Germania who were threatened by the aggressors, their parent state of New Israel. In such intermicronational crises which affect the whole community it is my responsibility to make it known my own opinion and the stance of our state.

I have always thought highly of West Germania. Indeed, their leader praised Leylandiistan’s efforts to promote Gaelic culture. There is a status of mutual recognition between Leylandiistan and West Germania. I admire the cultural efforts made by the government of West Germania, and I believe that West Germania is a model state operated under professional standards.

Leylandiistan’s constitution guarantees a territory’s right to secede from the republic if it so wishes. Therefore, it is the position of the government that under the right circumstances a territory may secede. West Germania seceded in protest at the position of New Israel’s government in regard to the recent Israel-Gaza conflict. I believe that West Germania’s King is entitled to his opinion on the conflict. I myself am appalled at the treatment of Palestinians, and by the number of civilians killed by Israeli offences in Gaza. I was shocked further to hear that New Israel believed it would be better to end the Gazan conflict through violent means.

Recognising that West Germania has the right to self determination, that West Germania and Leylandiistan mutually respect each other, that friends of Leylandiistan have already declared war on New Israel, and that New Israel is a nation which would not favour Leylandiistan, I on behalf of my nation declare that we sympathise with West Germania. However, I will not act any further on the issue unless advised to do so by the Vice-President. The National Assembly will meet soon to discuss this issue. Leylandiistan has historically opposed micronational conflicts, and politically I have been associated with anti-conflict parties. The National Assembly may approve a declaration of war and/or the Treaty of York*. I can act no further. But I do not approve of the recent actions of New Israel, and although Leylandiistan will likely (and hopefully) remain neutral and peaceful, and not directly play any role in the conflict, I can say that we may side with West Germania and our friends, because I believe it is the right thing to do.

I mourn the loss of the countless innocent lives in Gaza, and condemns anyone who claims it can be justified. I respect the brave step taken by our friends in West Germania, and I await the reaction of the rest of the government to the conflict.

Fionnbarra Ó Cathail

President of the Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan.

*Link to the Treaty of York


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