New micronation established metres from Leylandiistan




Above: The Flag of Gurvata

  • The Republic of Gurvata has finally been established as a sovereign micronation after weeks of planning. President Fionnbarra Ó Cathail is known to have assisted the new government there to ensure that the micronation is “of a professional standard, and has a positive attitude to other micronations such as Leylandiistan”. This wonderful news has been met with positive reactions across Leylandiistan. Acting President Pádraig Ó Ceocháin signed the “Founding Act of the Gurvatan State”, creating the new micronation with the stroke of a pen on Thursday the 17th of July. President Ó Cathail was in attendance at the event.  Co-operation between Leylandiistan and Gurvata is due to begin immediately, and several economic and diplomatic agreements are expected in the coming months. This is Leylandiistan’s first viable trading partner, and trade between both nations would be both profitable and manageable given the short distance between the two states. “I am delighted at this recent turn of events”, said , “It is great news that we now have a trading partner on our doorstep. Trade could be carried out on foot, as Gurvata is about three to five minute’s walk from Orchardstown.” Béal na Tíre will provide more coverage of this new Irish micronation in the coming weeks and months, as it is sure to be a topic of interest to those in Leylandiistan and the rest of the micronational community.
  • The proposed hydrogen producing plant is now expected to be rejected by the Cubbyhole Regional Council. The plans were set to be approved by the Council, until Council member MhicCarthaigh expressed concern at the risk of damage to health and the environment should any of the chemicals involved leak or explode. President Ó Cathail responded by saying: “I accept that the process could potentially harm some of our citizens if mishandled. It’s not worth the risk. Of course, we may still experiment with the concept at a later date. Another problem is that we still have no means of using hydrogen as a clean fuel. I fear the apparatus for doing so may be too expensive. Until we find a use for hydrogen which would benefit Leylandiistan, I think it would be a good idea to postpone such plans. I do support other initiatives that would benefit Leylandiistan’s economy.” The other non-agricultural idea was a quicklime production kiln. During the course of the past week, a small kiln was assembled in the area south of Cubbyhole Autonomous Republic. Several tests showed that the kiln was capable of sustaining intense heat, and the it was ideal for the task of quicklime production, having no flaws or structural issues. With quicklime seeming to be the more viable option, it is likely the government will press ahead with this idea instead.

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