Hiatus announced, and other news


1ú lá de Bealtaine, Paláis an Phobail, an Caochóg.

  • The Executive Branch of Leylandiistan’s government has decided to hold a hiatus. The details of this government recess became known after last Sunday’s Executive Branch meeting. Due to upcoming exams and summer holidays, the government will be in recess between now and the 7th of July. No legislation will be passed, and the government will be under no obligation to meet, unless a dire situation arises. Publication of the email newsletter, the Leylandiistan Sentinel, will also be postponed.
  • Other matters discussed at the meeting included the agricultural sector and the developing economy. Land is currently under preparation, and small agricultural plots will begin producing food very soon. The most daring economic endeavour to be endorsed by the government is the hydrogen production plant in the Cubbyhole Autonomous Republic. The Executive Branch drew up plans for a cheap to build and operate facility, which could produce hydrogen at very low costs. Methods for producing, collecting and storing the gas safely were thoroughly discussed, and in the presence of safety inspectors the construction will go ahead safely as planned. The government has not indicated what the hydrogen will be used for, or whether Leylandiistan will become a hydrogen economy or not. What is known is that construction will begin around late June, and that the government may set up a regulatory body of some sort to help ensure Leylandiistan’s hydrogen reserves are properly managed. (e.g. the Hydrogen Commission of Leylandiistan , or Commissiún Hidrigin Léiloindístáin)
  • President Fionnbarra Ó Cathail was invited to attend the Coronation of the Emperor of Constantidium. At 6pm GMT on Skype, on the first of May, President Ó Cathail was part of a small delegation which observed the coronation of Emperor Nektarios I Sebastos. The President was honoured to take part in the ceremonies, and was awarded the title of Knight of the Order of the Holy Order.I

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