Interview with the Chair of the GUM



An Caochóg, 17ú Aibreán – Béal na Tíre was invited to interview Bradley of Dullahan, the new Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational. The Chairperson spoke to us about his plans for the GUM, and how he sees the GUM as “a beacon of professionalism” which “binds communities”.

1. The GUM has experienced a great deal more activity as of late than it has in the past. What has caused this, and how has this benefited the GUM?

Although its less than under my predecessors term it is indeed an improvement, albeit a moderate one. This is not because of more meaning for the GUM but because the nations had more to choose, something exiting was happening, this in the form of the Charter, which replaced the Constitution

2. It’s now your third time as Chair of the GUM. What will be different about this term?

Yes, funny you ask me this. It is technically my third term. I have never served one full term though. The first term is a bit controversial, some claim I was unprepared and didn’t know enough of the complex rules, though I was credited for cultural growth.

My second term was the shortest reign of all GUM Chairs, I as Acting-Chairman replaced Chairman Mar, though within the hour I had resigned as well. Mr. Mar and I were involved in a scheme to remove two micronations from the GUM who in our eyes were disturbing the peace.

My third term should be an interesting one. I want to bring new life in the GUM, I want to bring it back to the international stage and show our members that we can be a meaningful organisation on the subjects of culture and politics. And of course I want to sit this term out.

3. Why have you set up the GUM Staff, and how will this benefit the GUM and the micronations who take part in the organisation?

The GUM Staff is basically a cabinet of ministers. I want to show people that if an organisation wishes to be active but also have a working executive roles then you need to bring them together. The Staffroom and the Staff meetings are a tool to make sure that the Staff works together and acts in the best interests for the  Quorum. It will take some time but it will work. The Chairman cant bear all the weight, its a team effort.

4. What projects have you planned for the GUM?

I have much in store for the GUM. An example is the currently running project; we are talking to both admin teams of the two MicroWiki communities. We act as mediators to make sure that both of them can come together and share information. This way we hope to close the gab between the two communities. A second project that is running is the GUM Peacekeeper award, we want this award to be awarded to those who aid in making the Wikia a better, more professional and peaceful place. We all must take up our responsibilities to teach the newbies, so to speak, in our ways, rules and customs, this award is to stimulate that behaviour.

But, I have more in store for the GUM, I want to create the GUM Institute or GUM International University where member states their own national universities can join and reach a bigger audience through the GUM. This will not only increase cultural development and nation development but also bring people together to learn, share and cooperate. Next to this I want the GUM more involved in International affairs, if there is a crises the GUM will offer to mediate.

5. The Charter has replaced the Constitution as the GUM’s main legal document. What is so important about this change, and why was it necessary to change it in the first place?

The Charter has its flaws and is far from perfect. But Ciprian must be given one credit: Its easier than the Constitution. The Constitution had a lot of useless rules and was endlessly complex. Replacing it meant a new start for this old organisation, a fresh start, if you will. No more dull conventions, no more rule of the elite or the old.

6. How do you plan to improve an organisation that in the past has suffered from a rather stained image?

I think that through our projects we can show that this organisation still has a lot of good in it and a purpose that helps and benefits the community.

7. What is your vision for the GUM?

My vision for the GUM is a GUM that is active in the community, that mediates where needed, which binds communities and teaches old and new how to get along with each other but above all a beacon of proffessionalism

Thank you for your time in taking part in this interview!

You’re welcome.


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