Interview with Sigmund Schmidt


Sigmund Schmidt is the Governor of the Ashukov Federal Territory of Carpathia, located in Romania. He has kindly allowed Béal na Tíre interview him. This is the first interview Béal na Tíre has ever conducted.

1. What inspired you to become a micronationalist?

An article on Wikipedia about micronationalism. I found the concept very interesting.

2. Tell us a bit about your early micronational career.

It was like the life of an ordinary human,I had no contact with micronationalists, and I was preparing for the Romanian Geography Olympiad. Then I discovered the MicroWikia community in May 2013. It was quite strange,I met new people and my micronational career took an interesting turn. This also helped me with my English skills.

3. You founded the Federal Kingdom of the South-Eastern Carpathians, but months later you joined the Ashukov Federation? Why did you decide to join Ashukovo?

Because I thought it would help Carpathia develop more and more. Within Ashukovo, I thought Carpathia would become a nation among the most influential and serious in the community.

4. And has this been true for Carpathia? Has your time in Ashukovo helped you become more influential and serious?

Yes,certainly. As we became a federal territory recently, we are working for reforming Carpathia as a state of the Ashukov Federation, through attracting more citizens.

5. Has Carpathia’s downgrade to a Federal Territory been a blow to you and your country? How has it affected Carpathia?

It has been a blow for me as the founder of the nation,but I do hope Carpathia is not too affected by it. Having very few citizens, Carpathia is a tiny nation.

6. What is your impression of the micronational community?

It is a large and welcoming community, comprising members of many different groups. Many people having ADHD,autism,and/or are part of other groups are micronationalists,which is very good for us. However,the general Romanian public is not aware of and frowns upon micronationalists.

7. What are your plans for the future of Carpathia?

Carpathia’s development through Ashukovo, and Ashukovo’s recognition by other governments.

Any closing comments?

I would just like to wish all micronationalists a good career!

Thank you.

Béal na Tíre would like to thank Sigmund Schmidt for his time in taking part in this interview.


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